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Jewellery Care & Hot Tips

Jewellery is delicate, let's be real. 

But we do our best to make things as sturdy as possible so you can be as hard on your stuff as we are (aka I break a necklace every week on my bike and somehow crush rings on the reg.)

We also try to include notes and instructions in each package but just in case you've missed them or forgotten - cuz that's totally a thing - here's some info:

ALL "MOOD" ITEMS HATE WATER: Do your best to avoid getting them wet. So take off your ring when you do them dishes/shower/garden/whatever. 

BRASS DARKENS: But it's our favourite and it's just so gosh darn sturdy. Want it to stay super shiny, though? Avoid getting it wet too often and get yourself a polishing cloth. Those things last forever. 

METAL PLATING WILL WEAR OVER TIME: It's no big deal. It's just what it does. We love the way things look as they become more worn and well loved and we think you will too.